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4G Complete Solution For Vessels, Cruise Ships, Yachts and Offshore

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Acknowledging how valuable it is to be online 24/7, make organisations seeking solutions to avoid the implications of being disconnected. Monarch Telecom’s mobile internet hardware and SIM-cards can supply companies with a reliable internet solution. The 4GLTE solution is not limited to businesses located terrestrially but also to vessels, cruise ships, yachts and offshore. The maritime industry as well can benefit, as reduced mobile roaming charges for voice and data can be accomplished. The SIM-cards, offered by Monarch Telecom are based on a pre-set profile, where you can decide in advance, which networks the SIM-cards can connect per country. The pre-set profile brings a great advantage, as it allows you to research the local network coverage and network costs well in advance, before reaching a final decision.

Yachts Berthed in Monaco's Marina
Yachts Berthed in Monaco's Marina

Combine VSAT, FleetBroadBand and 4G

Our solution brings even more encouraging news for your Company in respects to robust connectivity, redundancy and flexibility wherever your vessels are. What we can do for you is to show you the way of saving money while keeping a 24/7 internet connectivity. Especially for ships and offshore, our solution can be combined with VSAT and Fleetbroadband (Iridium and Inmarsat), satellite services, thus you don’t have to rely on just one internet connection.

Installed Omnidirectional Antenna, by Monarch Telecom engineers, on-bard a support vessel.
Installed Omni Antenna on-board a support vessel.

The outcome is even more significant, as it brings, reduction of costs for companies happier crew, customers and passengers. With coastal coverage and offshore, cellular connectivity (3G, 4GLTE and wifi) would be provided through our hybrid solution, which consists of SD-WAN routers, cellular routers, and antennas, among others.

Hands-On Expertise

Monarch Telecom and its team of engineers can meet with you, gather all necessary information about your requirements and provide you with a customised solution. Our team has hands-on expertise, as they have already installed this solution to multiple vessels.

Contact us now and learn how you can take full advantage of the solution.

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