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Monarch Telecom collaborates with all global providers to be able to provide the perfect customised solutions for ships and offshore through a 4G LTE solution that reduces mobile roaming charges for both voice and data.

Data bundles can be purchased per vessel or for a fleet allowing sharing of the bundle.

There is an increasing demand for internet connectivity onboard commercial vessels that are trading in coastal areas and leisure boats that are also sailing coastally. Currently, the commercial vessels use vsat satellite communications as their primary internet connectivity and fleetbroadband as a secondary. Both solutions are very expensive and the data plans that are provided are based on MIR and CIR bandwidth for vsat and per MB for fleetbroadband. The services provided using these methods like email, VOIP telephony, fax and internet are costly and not sufficient to the extent that the shipmanagement and the crew of a vessel would like to. There is a demand for better, faster, cheaper and unlimited internet connectivity that can also improve the welfare of the crew onboard a ship.

4G LTE / 5G

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