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About Us - Our Values

Monarch is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications and marine technical services; we provide mobile voice and highspeed data services to almost anywhere on the planet; on land, at sea and in the air. We provide technical service on any vessel anywhere on the world.

Our expertise in working in harsh environments has allowed us to develop expertise in delivering projects in tight deadlines, being creative and thinking outside the box which allows us to quickly solve office based projects in networking and IT setups.
We work together with our customers and partners to develop innovative, customized solutions for businesses and organizations all over the world. These include major corporations from the maritime, media, oil and gas, construction and aeronautical industries, as well as governments and aid agencies.

We work to truly understand our customers' businesses. We implement solutions that provide actual cost savings and other measurable business benefits beyond mere "informed decision making" rhetoric. That's why Monarch strives for providing the best technology with proven, "real" business benefits.
We provide solutions that promote synergy between the people, processes, and partnerships that make up every business, by making the process of distributing reports, documents and data, and the process of customer service management, automatic, web-enabled, effortless processes.
Monarch Group is constantly working to enhance its extensive portfolio of leading communication technologies with the industry's most comprehensive suite of value-added products and services. Designed to expand your capabilities and give you the business edge in your particular market, we call these value-adds The Butterfly Effect.

Our Policy - Our Mission

At Monarch Group, we are committed to providing our services and products to the client’s satisfaction, always honouring the contractual terms while maintaining the high-quality levels, which distinguish us.

In order to realize this policy, we aim to:

  • Establish and implement resource improvement plans with challenging and measurable objectives and targets;

  • Expect the co-operation and commitment of everyone in the company or connected to the company, in delivering improved performance;

  • Cooperate with all our regulators, our clients and all other stakeholders, organizations and individuals; strive to understand their needs and meet their requirements;

  • Provide continuous training and education to our employees;

  • Invest in technology;

  • Establish long term relationships / cooperation with loyal and reliable associates;

  • Evaluate all business risk and opportunities and established mechanisms to protect our company or take benefit of them (respectively)​

The adoption of a Management System according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, contributes to the realization of the Policy Goals. This policy forms the basis for the establishment of objectives and it is communicated to all personnel with the aim of its implementation.

With this policy statement, we are committing ourselves to the continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through the systematic monitoring of its performance and the implementation of the necessary improvement actions. The policy and the objectives are reviewed during structured management reviews, at least once a year, in order to ensure their continuing suitability.

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