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Intellian v85NX - World’s First 85cm Ku Ka Convertible VSAT Antenna

Future-Proof System with Industry Leading RF Performance

The world’s first Ku- to Ka-band convertible antenna, the v85NX can simply be converted from Ku- to Ka-band compatibility by changing the center-mounted RF Assembly and Feed using a conversion kit. The reflector and radome have already been frequency tuned for both satellite bands, which ensures maximum performance across both of them. Also, the v85NX is ready for future NGSO constellation as well as 2.5GHz wideband Ka-band.

Intellian’s highly efficient RF design delivers the best performance compared to other 80cm class systems, enabling higher data rates and global operation. The compact 85cm antenna’s smaller footprint allows installation on smaller vessels and gives them access to 1-meter designed networks. It also has several different BUC power options available up to 25W that give it a wider operational range. The v85NX is ideal for commercial ships, the oil and gas industry, and mission-critical operations where uninterrupted connectivity is required.

European Tour of Monarch Telecom and 3 mushrooms. Visiting Intellian's team in Rotterdam
Monarch Telecom and 3mushrooms Team in Rotterdam

Controlled Costs with Modularized Components

With the modular component design, the number of spare parts is significantly reduced by more than 30%. It now only needs 13 common spare parts to fix most potential problems. Thus, its reliability is improved, its maintenance is simpler, and the total cost of ownership for the system is lowered.


Simplified installation & enhanced AptusNX

Combining Tx, Rx and DC power into one coaxial cable solution with an external dome-on connection enables faster and reduced costs of installation for the v85NX. It also eliminates the need to remove the radome during installation. Users can operate AptusNX by simply plugging a laptop into the ACU, without any need to download extra software. The AptusNX presents an installation wizard with a step-by-step commissioning guide to more easily complete setup, and with enhanced diagnostic capabilities, the AptusNX can send an alert to the operator when preventative maintenance is required.

About Intellian

''Intellian is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna systems. Built upon our patented RF, stabilization and tracking technologies, our products support a wide range of industries, including Commercial Maritime, Offshore Energy, Defense & Intelligence and Luxury Yachting.''

About Monarch Telecom

‘’Monarch Telecom is a leading provider of Global mobile #satellitecommunications and #marine technical services, partner of Intellian. Monarch provides mobile voice and high-speed data services worldwide to major corporations from the #maritime and #oilandgas industries for the last twelve years.’’

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