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eSIM Solution

The term "eSIM" or "Electronic SIM" simply means an embedded SIM card. The embedded SIM is basically a small chip already build inside your mobile device (phone, watch, tablet, IoT etc.) where the information is rewritable. Then a "SIM profile" is loaded on it through a QR code to be scanned by your mobile device. Then the eSIM act as like a physical SIM, you can load several profiles and manage them with the application included with your mobile device, offering Data, Call & Text.

Smart Watches equipped with eSim

eSIM in IoT

In the Internet of Things (IoT), most of the devices are being equipped with a global roaming SIM solution. For this reason, data must originate and terminate from the network of the “home” mobile network operator. Nevertheless, this grows the likelihoods on data delay. The solution to achieve lower latency is the GSMA standards-based eUICC or “eSIM”. This allows remotely programming on the smart device and, so data access can be generated in the local area, resulting in lower latency.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Since eSIM technology provides a programmable SIM solution with the option to use a local profile wherever a device is located, this can be seen as a future proof technology. Local profiles can be added and managed remotely. This enables you to avoid expensive roaming scenarios. The eSIM solution ensures access to required mobile technologies because of the ability of remote SIM provisioning.

iPhone 11 compatible with eSIM
iPhone 11 compatible with eSIM

Advantages of eSIM

  • Instant delivery into your compatible device

  • Convert your mobile phone into a Dual SIM

  • Connecting locally to multiple carriers

  • Manage privacy for business and family

  • Provide the mobile capability to a small device like Smart Watch

  • Load operator profiles to multiple devices remotely, over the mobile network or Wi-Fi.

  • Swap profiles without removing the SIM. Store multiple profiles on a single device.

  • 98% smaller than traditional SIMs

  • 20 times lighter

  • 10 X lifespan ten times that of the traditional SIM allowing up to 1million rewrites of its memory.

  • Considerably more durable withstanding extreme temperatures up to 105oc

  • Great deal stronger with high shock resistance allowing it to perform in the most demanding operational conditions

  • Enables a device to be fully waterproof as the SIM can be sealed directly within the device.

Contact Monarch Telecom for more information.

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