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The use of CCTV Cameras on Ships

The use of CCTV cameras on ships, plays a key role, in the maritime industry. It provides security and safety for people onboard ships, the footage from recorded maritime incidents can support the appropriate authorities during their investigation, it can be used for monitoring the vessel’s navigation, engine room, cargo operations, berthing/unberthing and many more.

CCTV cameras allow a full overview of the bunkering process.
Bunkering Process

CCTV Cameras Provides Protection for Humans and Property

As there’s a decrease of crew personnel onboard big vessels, their safety becomes even more important. That can be accomplished by ongoing surveillance, especially to isolated and dangerous areas, like the winch area, passage ways, steering gear rooms e.t.c.

CCTV cameras allow a full overview of the bunkering process with all its details like its duration or potential leakages.

Easy to install IP CCTV camera designed for use in aggressive environmental conditions such as maritime vessels, naval surface ships, extreme arctic environments and renewable energy platforms.
External Marine Camera

Blind spots or isolated areas offer stowaways or unauthorised personnel opportunities to hide or access sensitive areas. CCTV allows for an effective control of all areas that are of great importance. Moreover, in case of piracy attacks monitoring the surrounding area from a secure location onboard, allows for an early assessment of the situation.

On vessels and oil rigs CCTV cameras increase security, extremely by making a permanent control of sensitive areas possible. They allow for an early valuation of a potentially dangerous situation by showing smoke development or giving a first indication of a false alarm. In case of fire or malfunctions threats for machinery can be identified at an early stage and further damage can be prevented.

CCTV Must Meet Certain Criteria

CCTV cameras have to meet certain criteria, some of them are:

  • CCTV cameras have to be of Recognised marine standards and type approved

  • Camera maintenance requirements

  • Synchronisation of camera clocks with other systems

  • Cyber security considerations if CCTV footage can be downloaded or accessed remotely.

  • Data protection issues

  • Local regulations, in terms of the vessel’s trading area and indeed only used when allowed.

  • Recording storage of data

External marine 360 degree PoE fixed camera
360 Degree Panoramic Camera

Installation of CCTV

Installing cameras onboard vessels creates other technical, considerations and especially connectivity ones. How much bandwidth, how much more processing power is needed every time you add cameras especially to multiple decks. What if your customer requires to have a real time monitoring? Most devices will come to their knees as they approach their limits. Only one thing can save you that is Caching. Peplink’s MediaFast Content Caching Router, will make sure you are never short of content. It downloads and accelerates video for uninterrupted service. The MediaFast is prefetching content during off-peak hours, saving connectivity costs and reducing network burden during busy times.

Stable Connectivity

Peplink routers enable you to add bandwidth, wired or wireless, anytime and load balance multiple Internet links. Automatic failover allows you to maintain an unbreakable connection. The MediaFast 200/500/750 from Peplink comes with Load Balancing, AP Controller, and other enterprise features from the Balance family as well as Peplink’s MediaFast content caching, offering a hassle free solution for the vessel’s connectivity.

Monarch Telecom has the Technical expertise to provide a complete customised CCTV installation and support onboard any vessel. Monarch Telecom, can offer a complete solution including Video Management Software (VMS), Rack, Server, Workstations, and Network Switches in addition to the Digital IP CCTV cameras.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Jul 06, 2023

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Apr 09, 2022

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