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New Partnership of Monarch Telecom with Peplink

March 18th, 2019, Limassol, Cyprus Monarch Telecom is proud and excited to announce a new partnership with Peplink, a global leader in the rapidly emerging SD-WAN marketplace. Monarch Technologies, a sister company of Monarch Telecom and 3mushrooms, appointed as a Certified Partner of Peplink in Cyprus and Bahrain. Monarch Telecom would be selling all Peplink’s range of products and solutions while offering consultancy and installation, services through its Certified Engineers (PCE) and Sales Specialists (PSS). Below you can find a broad list of some of the products and solutions of Peplink. Multi-WAN Router (Balance series), MediaFast Routers, Peplink Balance One, MAX Cellular Routers (Single, Multi-Cellular and outdoor), SOHO Networking, SD Switch, Industrial WLAN Solution, Pepwave Device connectors, Pepwave AP One Access Points, SpeedFusion Virtual Appliance, Cloud-Based Device, InControl 2, PoE Injector, Fiberglass Omni Antenna. Peplink Technology includes the below solutions:• Link Load Balancing: Internet Load Balancing, Load Balancing Algorithms• VPN for Branch Networking: SpeedFusion Bonding Technology, PepVPN, Unbreakable VPN• Mobile Bandwidth Bonding: Unbreakable Cellular Bonding, SpeedFusion 4G/3G Bonding• Business WLAN: AP Controller, WLAN Controller

About Monarch Telecom

‘’Monarch Telecom is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications and marine technical services. We provide mobile voice and high-speed data services worldwide to major corporations from the maritime, oil and gas, construction and aeronautical industries, as well as governments and aid agencies, for more than 12 years.’’

About Peplink

‘’Peplink is a world-leading Internet connectivity technology company. The Company is primarily engaged in developing and commercialising SD-WAN solutions under its own brands – ‘Peplink’ and ‘Pepwave.’ The Company also grants software licences and provides support services in connection with its SD-WAN solutions. The Company sells its own branded products to an extensive global network of more than 500 resellers in approximately 70 countries. ’’

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