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Next Generation VSAT Ka-band 5G

Monarch Telecom and 3mushrooms express their sincere gratitude to all who participated in Next Generation VSAT Ka 5G, Event in Limassol-Cyprus on Thursday, 24th January.

Over 25 key persons from 20 companies of the Maritime Industry located here in Cyprus participated and had the opportunity to meet Monarch Telecom’s and 3mushrooms’s teams that are located in Bahrain, Los Angeles and Limassol, Cyprus.

The guest speakers Mathew Humphreys the European Sales Director of Intellian, Manuel Valero the Sales Manager of Telenor and Bob Miltenberger the CEO of NearShoreNetworks provided valuable information regarding the latest and future developments of VSAT, Ka-band, 4G and 5G. The new information, that has been shared during the event, can be used by Maritime’s industry experts to get prepared for the imminent technological developments.

Monarch Telecom and 3mushrooms with expertise in the maritime market for the last 12 years, are committed to supporting your company in providing you guidance to fulfil all your company’s satellite communications requirements.

Special thanks to the Speakers and our partners, of the event Intellian, Telenor and NearShoreNetworks and to our Technical and Marketing teams who did outstanding work in organizing the event and making it a great success.

The presentations, photos and videos of the event will be posted on our facebook and linkedin accounts. Please visit our pages using the below links:

About Monarch Telecom

‘’Monarch Telecom is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications and marine technical services. We provide mobile voice and highspeed data services worldwide to major corporations from the maritime, oil and gas, construction and aeronautical industries, as well as governments and aid agencies, for more than 12 years.’’

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